The NETFLIX service constantly provides analytical data, or the rating of the shortest Netflix series 2022, depending on the most diverse criteria: popularity in different regions, for example, content, which will allow Ukrainians to be divisive.

The library has a selection of documentaries, feature films from the cities, TV series that keep the rest of the frame in the air, family cartoons, etc.

Netflix Short Series 2022

Popular, TV series

In the middle of the most watching movies, you can see the coming robots:

  • "Sex Life". For him, the main heroine became a mother and a squad. Ale, її thoughts gradually turn її in a raging past. Here, erotic spirits contrast with the aphids of a peaceful life. І її start to turn around from the past, trying to turn your love over. What choice is the heroine: the stability of the future or the drive of the past?
  • "Good doctor". In this series, there are stories about the surgeon Sean Murphy. Vіn z the most childishness suffering from autism and antisocial Savant syndrome. Born in a small town, de proving their childishness. Sean had an opportunity to move and take a job at the San Bonaventure Surgical Dispensary in San Jose. Sean Vikoristov's innate talent for making a difference in the lives of patients and as a result throwing a tweet to his skeptical clients.
  • "Rick and Morty". This fantastic series helps the viewers to get lost in the light of the main characters: Rika Sancheza, who suffers from alcoholism and yogo onuc Morty, the main activity of which is dearer to the girl. The stench often gets lost in entangled or curious situations.
  • “I never…” In this film, a story about the Virgin is told, as she planned to change her life and achieve popularity in school. Ale, not everything went like this, as she wanted, її coined different suits, as if she shared with her friends, as if they achieved great popularity.
  • "Wonderful Simka". A group of two warriors is attacking the small village of Rose Creek, which is terrorized by the gang of Bartholomew Bozi. Leather from them we make our own history and our own style of battle: one with our fists, and the other - with a warm word and show our cunning, we start with leather from them to give advice to the evil bandits of the Wild Sunset. Tsіkavі come in handy about wіdvaga and honor.
  • "Lupin". The TOP 20 Netflix series of 2022 include the cicavia, the misguided series Lupin, the first season of the “French creation” of viishov on the screen on the cob of 2021. Vіn zayav vіdrazu and without work for a long time hung up in the international charts. Not long ago the premiere of another season took place. Assane Diop is a villainous gentleman who, having read a book about Arsene Lupine's usefulness, is trying to inherit it. Cicava robot, come in handy, detective, comedy.
  • "Mislivtsі na Trollіv: Rise of the Titans". The eighth place in the rating is taken by an animation about heroes from the TROLLHUNTERS series. Їx unite for epic use, to fight with the Secret Order For control over magic, which zvjazuє їх ux.
  • "Elita". If you want to marvel, not checking out the new episodes of the Netflix 2022 series, which have already been released, “Elita” is the best choice. In this series, there is a story about these little people, like they spend in Las Enchinas - one of the most prestigious schools of Spain. It is safe for children not to like newcomers, and in them begins a ruthless battle for power, in love, sympathy, and resistance to fathers.
  • "Bloodshot". Vіl Diesel-ce is already a brand, which is creating a special format for the series. The main character of the people in order to become a superhero. The secret corporation RST turns to the life of the mortally wounded Marine Ray Harrison. The leaders of nanotechnologies are becoming Bloodshot-indifferent technological foes in the struggle for peace on Earth.
  • Emily in Paris. The whole series is trying to get bad comments, especially about the recently shown 4th series. Here begins the acquaintance of the main heroine with the Ukrainian woman Petra. The stinks got to know each other at the hour of the wedding of the French language. In the series, the writers showed the girl from Ukraine as deliberately eccentric and vulgar. Vaughn called steal speeches for purchases. A lot of Ukrainian bloggers, deputies and media people hung from this drive, for example, blogger Yevgeniya Gavrilko. Also, the Minister of Culture corrected NETFLIX's scarga, after which the organization declared that Ukrainians would be portrayed more correctly. In general, the picture is rather bright, dynamic, comedic, suitable for those who love light serials.
  • "Better do it." This series is for those who love mystical stories and the aesthetics of the 80s, the plot focuses on the state of Indiana, where the boy and the group of followers go to yoga jokes. The skin check of the final season of history, which showrunners divided into sprat parts in order to spread satisfaction.
  • "State vihovannya". Tsya is easy, not navantazhuє comedy is written in the style of a young pidlіtka. We all know that Gillian Anderson is in love with her, playing the role of a sex therapist.
  • "Narco". Kіnorobota is one of the richest, most reliable documentary thrillers. Here is a story about the cocaine empire of Pablo Escobar. From the first series, you can learn about those who emphasized the style and style of the show. The realities of the wicked world of the 70s were conveyed “without cuts” and chanted. This helps to trim the first frame to the final credits in tension.
  • "Black mirror". The series rozpovidaє about nebezpeki, yakі lurk in the "wonderful new world". Since the beginning of the broadcast, two seasons of three episodes each have been aired, and the Rizdvyana series is also promoted.
  • "Queen's Hide". This series, having become one of the best for the whole hour, we can boldly say that the rating of the Netflix 2022 series is the most watched by all Ukrainian streaming services. A new story is told about Elizabeth Harmon, as after the death of his mother, he is dragged into the Catholic porch and begins acquaintance with the purifier. The girl is a genius of thought, a Shakhist, a strategist. This series, for official data in the USA and rich European countries, has definitely increased the sales of shahiv!
  • "Ozark". This film, having finished making nasty comments about silent critics, like yogo with the cult TV series Let the Shores Go. Ale, do not be surprised at the price, with the exit of the skin season of the series, the interest is up to the show. A financial consultant begins to move from Chicago to the Ozarks in Missouri, de vine is guilty of "giving" 500 million dollars for the Mexican cartel. The series intertwines with the criminal world, detective, black humor, drama.
  • "Svetlyachkiv street". Vіn є one of the largest korean TV series. The series of the series will be taken on the 3rd of February 2021. A new one tells about two best friends with different characters: the first one is quiet and always accepts its share as a dear housewife. Ale, and if you talk about a friend, then there’s an inexhaustible fountain of emotions. Tsya idiliya only at first glance, even with Kate, not everything can be so brilliant, as you can say hello. Tally is not forever convinced, in the correctness of the family path taken by her. Zadrіst and part of the "reconciliation" on yourself someone else's role - competition in the world of women, setting your own rules. Ale, independent of folding, the stench continues to hold hands and go through life at once.
  • "Nepokhitna Kimmy Schmidt". This is one of the most vital projects on TV towers. Vіn rozpovidaє іstorіyu 29 river simpleton Kimmy Schmidt, yak began a career in New York after a voluntary self-sustainment. With her friends, she spent the shortest time in an underground bunker. This film was broken up by the all-world masters Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. The stink of naming magnetism.
  • "Jessica Jones". Tsey series of creations in 2015 rotation. This series tells a story about a superhero who suffers from a syndrome. The series Cicavii plays the actress, Jessica Jones, in the style of classic noir.

Analytical data for the list of the most requested serials were requested to speak at the VOX MEDIAS CODE conference every hour. The rewriting of the foundations on these sides was reviewed by the coristuvachs, as they chose the next series, the selection of information was taken after 28 days. I also took an hour to review in Oblik.

At the rating of the zіbranі naytsіkavіshi, zahoplyuyuchі robots, so choose, how to spend the evening, varto zadalegіd zdobirkoyu and report description.


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